Environmental Protection
We only work with factories that meet strict standards of sustainability. We partner with organizations such as STR, Intertek, WRAP and UL to ensure that all our suppliers meet international standards to minimize our environmental impacts.

As a responsible corporate citizen, we strive to reduce our carbon footprints, not only by recycling across the company but by developing and utilizing innovative, recycled materials.

Human Rights
Human Rights is a key ingredient of PDI’s corporate structure. PDI supports the ACLU, who’s international reach brings human rights standards to the global level in our complex world post 9/11. This includes addressing specific civil liberties issues: AIDS, immigrant’s rights, voting rights, lesbian rights, women’s rights, and workplace rights.

PDI is an active supporter of the human rights declaration of the United Nations. We are glad to see the recent progress in the fashion industry concerning human rights in factories around the world. We demand that all of our suppliers uphold international human rights by offering humane work environment, fair wages and by refusing to use child labor. We also actively monitor our suppliers and we make sure to only deal with companies that meet international human rights standards set by organizations such as WRAP, C-TPAT and ILO.