About Product Development International

PDI was conceived in 2004 to be an entity that would augment the emerging global sourcing market. Established for real time service, design and streamlined sourcing. Together with it’s manufacturing arm, Windeson, the combined company history, now in it’s 5th decade, offers worldwide production capabilities and streamlined services. By following our strategies for adaptability, PDI is proactive, therefore leading the industry as a full service direct multi-supply chain resource, and redefining the role of

Our NY office allows real time solutions to client’s needs, allowing us to be nimble in the marketplace,  providing design and development services worldwide. We tailor our design and services to each client’s specific requirements. Our global production and distribution network enables us to carry out any project under our assurances of high quality, cost competitiveness and streamlined logistics.

PDI’s strategic alliance with the Windeson Corporation enables them together to produce more than 30 million individual garments each year (including women’s and men’s fashion, sportswear, kid’s clothing and sweaters) using our worldwide reach, from our headquarters in Taipei to offices and factories in China, Vietnam, Cambodia, India, Taiwan and Africa. Our speed sourcing strategies systems and factory alliances allow PDI to service many types of clients, including America’s leading department stores, specialty chains and big box stores.

We are an integral part of our clients’ and suppliers’ business network,  aligning every aspect of our business with our clients’ goals to ensure quality, minimize costs, time-to- market, and raise profits. As we expand globally, our mission of integrity, partnership, environmental responsibility and protecting human rights will continue and will maintain our relevance as a sourcing leader.

Product Development International

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